@n9records #9dayvinylchallenge – DAY 2 – Your First Record

When I was 3 or 4 my sister had a record that I was totally enthralled with. On the cover, what looked to be Demon Aliens danced on top of a mountain, with the backdrop of a burned-out and destroyed desert village behind them. It definitely took me someplace else.

One day my mom decided to have a yard sale, and this record ended up out on a table. Once I saw it there little me was not having any of that. I grabbed it and told my mom that this record was MY record.

Listening to Detroit Rock City was the first time music told me a story. The mood of the song changed my mood. I would lay on the floor and listen to this music all afternoon, staring at the cover, reading the insert, and wondering what the hell the KISS ARMY was and if they were anything like the demon aliens on the cover… Good times.

KISS – Destroyer