@n9records #9dayvinylchallenge – DAY 1 – A Record Store Day or Limited Run Release

I am usually loathe to participate in such a thing, but I can not say no to @n9records (@uncle_keems) and his #9dayvinylchallenge.

Here’s my copy of the “Test Pressing” version of Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks, from RSD 2019.

Only available previously as a bootleg, this version saw its first official release in 2019, no doubt stemming from the popularity of 2018’s More Blood, More Tracks. This was the first version of the album that Bob had all finished up and ready to go until his brother talked him out of it over Christmas dinner and ol’ Mr. Zimmerman decided to re-record a bunch of the tracks in Minneapolis to create the version that came to be one of the best albums ever… To me anyway.

Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks Test Pressing